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Produce Department Tours
Call Your Local Grocer Today!

Supermarkets across the country offer store tours for schools in their community. These tours educate children about fruits and vegetables in a fun and memorable way and encourage them to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in different forms such as fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice.


In addition to learning the importance of eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day, your students will learn such things as:

• What counts as one serving of fruits and vegetables
• How to add up the number of servings of fruits and vegetables they eat daily
• How to read and understand the nutrition posters and charts in supermarkets
• How to select 100% fruit juice, canned fruit without added sugar,
  and frozen vegetables without added fat
• The importance of talking with their parents about eating a variety of fruits
  and vegetables each day



Contact your local supermarket produce manger or store manager to arrange a tour or check for tour availability.


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