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Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Program


P.A.C.K. – Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Program

PACK is an educational program aimed at encouraging kids to eat more fruits and vegetables while at home and school. The program can be implemented at anytime at home or throughout the school year. A main part of the program is to encourage children who purchase or pack lunch to include a fruit or vegetable of the day. In addition, parents across the country are encouraged to “pack” more fruits and vegetables, in a variety of colors and forms, into their children's lunch boxes and to follow the fruit and vegetable color schedule at home for meals and snacks.

Below is an outline of the PACK program. Also, we've pulled together some materials to help you and your students participate in the program.
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Program Outline


  • PACK Program: Pack Assorted Colors for Kids is a national healthy-eating program aimed at encouraging children to eat more colorful fruits and vegetables.

  • This program is in support of the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® national health initiative.

  • PACK is a simple five-day program that promotes eating more fruits and vegetables as well as a wider color variety.

  • Last year schools across the country participated in this fun, nutrition-based program, and hundreds of thousands of elementary school children “packed” more colorful fruits and vegetables into their diets.

  • Nurses said the PACK program engaged their students in a dialogue about fruits and vegetables and started the year off with a focus on healthy eating. Some schools even chose to continue this program periodically throughout the year.

  • Any week(s) can be declared PACK week to best fit your school's needs.

  • Each day of PACK Week is assigned a different color to help children focus on broadening their selection of fruits and vegetables. Whether children buy lunch at school or “pack” it from home, they will be encouraged to include fruits and vegetables of the color of the day in their snacks and lunches. Since all forms count – fresh, dried, canned, frozen and 100% juice – it is easy to include more fruits and vegetables each day.

    The colors for each day of PACK week are:
    Monday – Pack Purple Day
    Tuesday – Pack White Day
    Wednesday – Pack Red Day
    Thursday – Pack Yellow/Orange Day
    Friday – Pack Green Day

It's easy to participate in PACK Week - just check out our free educational materials for schools.


See PACK Materials for Parents


Welch'sThe PACK program is a collaboration between Welch's and Produce for Better Health Foundation. Go to for more information on 100% grape juice.




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