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Mangos: Popular Worldwide, Available Around the Corner


Would you like an exotic, tropical vacation to a sun drenched paradise but don’t have the time or money?  Take a mini vacation in your own kitchen with the tropical taste of mango.

Mangos are as common in Asia as apples are here and their unique taste is enjoyed worldwide.  There’s nothing like mango’s distinctive flavor.  The flesh of a ripe mango is juicy and tastes like a peach with just a hint of vanilla.  Try this fruit yourself and discover a tropical taste vacation.

Besides delectable flavor, mangos also offer nutrition benefits.  One cup of cubed mango provides an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A, two vitamins often lacking in American diets. 

Mangos are available year-round so you can bring home a sunny taste of the tropics anytime. They’re perfect for every meal and easy to prepare.  Try them cubed for breakfast or as a simple snack.  At lunch or dinner mango can enhance pork, chicken or fish entrees, many elegant, flavorful desserts feature mango. 

For information on mangos, visit the National Mango Board website at For information about adding more fruits and vegetables to your family’s diet, visit